Wine and NetBSD

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Wed May 2 06:36:12 CDT 2001

Bang Jun-Young wrote:
> Hi,
> For the last couple of weeks I spent some time doing porting Wine to
> NetBSD (there used to be a port but was too out of date). After applying
> patches my own, it has been successfully compiled and started running.
> The most serious problem occurs, however, whenever I try to run a
> Windows binary with it:
>         $ wine c:\\windows\\sol.exe
>         No built-in EXE module loaded!  Did you create a .spec file?
> Obviously sol.exe doesn't need a .spec file to run. When/Why do I get
> such an error?
No, a native program doesn't need a .spec file. However, it rather seems
that the native modules don't get registered, hence the error.
you should check that __wine_dll_register gets actually called (I bet
it isn't). And, in your case the .spec for the emulator (wine.spec) is
not registered, hence the error.
It's likely to be a loader issue. Look in the .spec.c files with the 
__asm__dummy_dll_init and __wine_spec_wine_init functions. The first one
is put in the .init section so that the loader executes every function
from this section when the module (wine in this case) is loaded into 
memory. It's very likely this doesn't happen in your case.

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