Missing INT21h functions

davep davep at cyw.uklinux.net
Sat May 12 02:25:46 CDT 2001

Trying (more in hope than expectation) to run an ancient DOS program under 
Wine, I get this failure:

err:int21:DOS3Call int21: unknown/not implemented parameters:
int21: AX 0f9f, BX 005c, CX 0000, DX 005c, SI 008e, DI 005c, DS 107f, ES 109f

Sure enough, DOS3Call() has a series of functions, including 0fh, which are 

Is there any reason why these functions should not be implemented? The win31 
sdk doesn't mention any restrictions on which INT21 functions can be used, 
neither does Schulman.

Dave Pickles

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