Missing INT21h functions

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Sat May 12 02:26:46 CDT 2001

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 08:25:46AM +0100, davep wrote:
> Trying (more in hope than expectation) to run an ancient DOS program under 
> Wine, I get this failure:
> err:int21:DOS3Call int21: unknown/not implemented parameters:
> int21: AX 0f9f, BX 005c, CX 0000, DX 005c, SI 008e, DI 005c, DS 107f, ES 109f
> Sure enough, DOS3Call() has a series of functions, including 0fh, which are 
> unimplemented.
> Is there any reason why these functions should not be implemented? The win31 
> sdk doesn't mention any restrictions on which INT21 functions can be used, 
> neither does Schulman.

Not really. But if you want a DOS emulator, use dosemu. Spent more effort
getting Windows programs to run in WINE ;)

|        AH = 0Fh
|        DS:DX -> unopened File Control Block (see #01345,#01346)
|Return: AL = status
|            00h successful
|            FFh file not found or access denied
|Notes:  (DOS 3.1+) file opened for read/write in compatibility mode
|        an unopened FCB has the drive, filename, and extension fields filled
|          in and all other bytes cleared
|        not supported by MS Windows 3.0 DOSX.EXE DOS extender
|        DR DOS checks password attached with AX=4303h
|        (FAT32 drive) this function will only succeed for creating a volume
|          label; FAT32 does not support FCBs for file I/O

Ciao, Marcus

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