Question on exposing non-windows functions from dlls...

Mike Bond mbond at
Fri May 18 09:51:33 CDT 2001

I just submitted a patch to wine-patches that provides the implementation
of spawnl and spawnlp. I had been hoping to implement execl and execlp as
well but found that the underlying functionality that I would need is not
exposed outside scheduler/process.c. My question is what guidelines are
there, if any, are there to exposing non-win functions, such as
exec_wine_binary in scheduler/process.c?

Also, from just a cursory glance at exec_wine_binary that I may need to
wrap it to do some of the work that fork_and_exec and PROCESS_Create are
doing, such as calling DOSFS_GetFullName. I'm not sure what, if anything,
the server would need to know about this.


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