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Wed May 23 13:38:22 CDT 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Mike Bond wrote:

> I was just perusing through msvcrt and noticed that in wcs.c there is
> an implementation of _vsnwprintf, which also exists, verbatim, in it's
> entirety, in ntdll/wcstring.c. Unless I am misunderstanding the .spec
> files there appears to be a method of "forward"ing a symbol to an
> external implementation, such as:
> @ forward -noimport wcslen ntdll.wcslen
> Is there any particular reason this was not done for _vsnwprintf as well?

   The problem is that _vsnwprintf is not exported by ntdll.
   On Win9x I don't see any *printf function in ntdll. But on Win2000
there is: _snprintf, _snwprintf, _vsnprintf, sprintf, swprintf and
vsprintf. But no _vsnwprintf.

   So according to the dll separation rules we must not make msvcrt
depend on an API not exported by a regular windows dll. But in the case
of ntdll I'm not sure. Can we use native ntdll in Wine? I don't think so
since it also exports things like 'wine_dbgstr_[aw]n?'. So maybe we can
bend the rules a little and export _vsnwprintf anyway.
   Better ask Alexandre...

> Also, on perhaps a style note, I've noticed some implementations are
> prefixed by the dll name in all caps, such as MSVCRT_vfprintf, and some
> are not, such as _wmkdir. Is this just personal style or is there more
> to these differences?

   There's more to it. Here are the MSVCRT conventions:

 * any function name which may conflict with a regular C function is
prefixed with 'MSVCRT_'. In particular this includes all functions that
don't start with '_'.
   Example: vfprintf -> MSVCRT_vfprintf
            _errno   -> MSVCRT__errno   (exception)

 * Any function name that will not conflict with a regular C function
name is not prefixed. This includes most functions starting with a
single '_'.
   Example: _access  -> _access
            _wchmod  -> _wchmod

 * Internal functions are prefixed by 'msvcrt_', but I'm not sure I
renamed strictly all of them (so there might still be internal
functions prefixed with 'MSVCRT_').

   (I say function but it's really any symbol)

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