Finding (or not) the exact number of args

Andreas Mohr 520053692817-0001 at
Wed May 23 12:19:26 CDT 2001

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 06:01:51PM +0000, Gaël de Chalendar wrote:

> Anyway, it uses at a moment or another unimplemented ordinal functions. To 
> implement their stubs, I begins with a lot of args, reducing this number 
> until the function is passed. It seems to work but I wonder if I do not add 
> only problems with this strategy. If I left the stack in a corrupted state, 
> maybe the problem will become visible a lot later...
> I was not able to find in docs, mails archives or google groups any useful 
> tip to find (simply) the right number of args. Particularly, the URL 
> is dead.
> So, do I continue ? If yes, in this way or differently ?

You get a nice "crash" when the program hits an unimplemented function.
Do a backtrace, then do a disas of the code that led to the unimplemented
function. Count the number of pushes before that call. That's usually
the number of arguments you need to use.

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