Status of ASPI?

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Thu May 31 01:21:35 CDT 2001

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 11:38:46PM -0600, Dax Kelson wrote:
> >
> > I'm having a failure with a windows app.  The application starts, and it
> > asks me to name my project and pick a directory to store it in.  When I do
> > so, I get errors such as:
> >
> > fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA d
> > fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA f
> > fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA d
> > fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA t
> Lots of thanks to Marcus, and his implementation of PathGetChar.  I can
> report that his patch worked for me.
> My next hurdle is ASPI support.  This application I'm running needs to
> access my DVD drive via ASPI, and it complains it can't see any device.
> On the Linux side of things, I've setup ide-scsi emulation for my ATAPI
> DVD drive.
> Here is the error I'm getting:
> fixme:aspi:SendASPI32Command ASPI: Partially implemented SC_HA_INQUIRY for
> adapter 0.
> At one point I thought ASPI was working since you could use Win32 CDR
> burning software with Wine.  What is the current status of ASPI in Wine?

Its fine, XingDVD even uses ASPI to decrypt DVDs here ;)

You need to add to the config file:

[scsi c0t0d0]
"Device" = "/dev/sg0"
[scsi c0t1d0]
"Device" = "/dev/sg1"

And make the sg* corresponding to your DVD drive world read/writeable.
(Check /proc/scsi/scsi, count starting with 0 down to your DVD drive. if it
is the first entry, it is sg0, the second is sg1 ... )

Ciao, Marcus

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