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Roger Fujii rmf at lookhere.com
Wed Nov 7 03:38:10 CST 2001

eric pouech wrote:

Before I start, the large checkin this morning definitely broke
the dll loader (at least on solaris).  Sol.exe no longer runs :(

> > First, it seems like wine can't find the audio codecs,
> > though it seems to find the video ones.  Is this a
> > to-be-implemented or a bug and any clues on where to look?
> which audio codecs ? you mean the ACM ones ?

it doesn't show ANY audio codecs.  

> there are loaded as any drivers, looking for their names in
> system.ini drivers32 entries. to use the native acm codecs,
> you need something like:
> [drivers32]
> MSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acm
> MSACM.msadpcm=msadp32.acm
> MSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acm
> msacm.msg711=msg711.acm
> MSACM.trspch=tssoft32.acm
> msacm.l3acm=l3codeca.acm
> msacm.vivog723=vivog723.acm
> msacm.voxacm119=vdk32119.acm
> msacm.iac2=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IAC25_32.AX

yup... those and more are there - I copied a working w98 win tree
there, and it did find the video codecs.
> (btw, video codecs are loaded the same way, so it's strange it
> doesn't work. any trouble somewhere with the .acm extension  in
> the loader somewhere ??)

not certain.  My linux reference machine's hd just died, so I can't
truss it (don't even get that far under solaris - dies trying to bring
up the dialog)
> well it depends how the program was first compiled. there are
> options on windows to compile a program as:
> - without fpu (force always emulation)
> - only with fpu (no emulation)
> - mixed strategy (if fpu present, then use it, otherwise fall
>   back to emulation)
> so, it sounds like the fpu traps are not correctly handled between
> wine and solaris (hard to tell more here)

what I don't understand is that one would think that should cause
a SIGILL, and not a SIGSEG.   Does wine return a CPU type somewhere?
> > 3) In win32/console.c, it seems that master/slave is reversed
> > through the fork.  This is only going off the docs, but if
> > it is, how is this working under linux?
> don't worry about that. all this code should be removed real soon
> (if Alexandre commits my patches ;-)

looks like TOO much was removed :)


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