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eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 8 14:11:35 CST 2001

> > > First, it seems like wine can't find the audio codecs,
> > > though it seems to find the video ones.  Is this a
> > > to-be-implemented or a bug and any clues on where to look?
> > which audio codecs ? you mean the ACM ones ?
> it doesn't show ANY audio codecs.
could you elaborate what you mean with "show" and "audio codecs" ?
(I don't get what you want to say)

> what I don't understand is that one would think that should cause
> a SIGILL, and not a SIGSEG.   Does wine return a CPU type somewhere?
yes, in misc/cpu.c... however the causes of the SIGSEG have to be
investigated... what's the instruction causing the signal to be raised ?

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