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Roger Fujii rmf at lookhere.com
Thu Nov 8 14:38:06 CST 2001

eric pouech wrote:
> > > > First, it seems like wine can't find the audio codecs,
> > > > though it seems to find the video ones.  Is this a
> > > > to-be-implemented or a bug and any clues on where to look?
> > > which audio codecs ? you mean the ACM ones ?
> > it doesn't show ANY audio codecs.
> could you elaborate what you mean with "show" and "audio codecs" ?
> (I don't get what you want to say)

virtualdub has a selection that brings up the audio compressors (and another
that has the video compressors) that can be used to compress a stream.  
The audio compression list is empty, while the video one has all the ones
I expect.  Sounds like from a previous post that it's a problem of not
related to the audio device.
> > what I don't understand is that one would think that should cause
> > a SIGILL, and not a SIGSEG.   Does wine return a CPU type somewhere?
> yes, in misc/cpu.c... however the causes of the SIGSEG have to be
> investigated... what's the instruction causing the signal to be raised ?

uh, I wish I could be more specific, but gdb (at least under solaris) is
pretty abysmal as far as multitheading apps go, and since the problem doesn't
happen under linux and that wine doesn't work with the bundled assember/compiler 
(which rules out the use of the better forte tools), tracking this down is slow
going.  The current version oddly brings up virtualdub fine, but now fails
bringing up solitaire (ugh).  Look like something broke in the X stuff, but
that's pure speculation right now.

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