Aio (was: Re: [RFC]: Overlapped I/O implementation)

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Wed Nov 14 02:03:01 CST 2001

> You may want to consider using Posix aio to implement
> overlapped I/O, regardless of whether it's a disk file,
> a network connection, or whatever.  glibc has a fallback
> implementation of aio, and vendors are starting to provide
> optimized, high-quality implementations.  SGI and Red Hat
> are working hard on it.

I had a look at it, but the current implementation on my system
(libc 2.2.2) is limited to files that allow lseek() and therefore
only suited for disk files. Moreover, it requires pthreads.
I didn't feel bold enough to check whether it works with Wine's
pthreads replacement (btw, aio internally uses threads for doing IO, so
if threads are the wrong thing, as Alexandre argued, aio isn't right

Anyway, thanks for the hint, I'll stay tuned with aio.


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