Aio (was: Re: [RFC]: Overlapped I/O implementation)

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Nov 15 22:42:46 CST 2001

Martin Wilck wrote:
> > You may want to consider using Posix aio to implement
> > overlapped I/O, regardless of whether it's a disk file,
> > a network connection, or whatever.  glibc has a fallback
> > implementation of aio, and vendors are starting to provide
> > optimized, high-quality implementations.  SGI and Red Hat
> > are working hard on it.
> I had a look at it, but the current implementation on my system
> (libc 2.2.2) is limited to files that allow lseek() and therefore
> only suited for disk files. 

Interesting.  Probably easy to fix.

> Moreover, it requires pthreads.
> I didn't feel bold enough to check whether it works with Wine's
> pthreads replacement (btw, aio internally uses threads for doing IO, so
> if threads are the wrong thing, as Alexandre argued, aio isn't right
> either).

Ben's aio doesn't make much use of threads, I think.  
He's actively working on it (he posted an update just today, see ).

> Anyway, thanks for the hint, I'll stay tuned with aio.

Great.  Mark my words, aio is going to scream; after many years
of languishing as a seldom-implemented standard, it's finally
becoming available on many flavors of Unix.

- Dan

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