FoxPro 5 Applications

Rick Romero rick at
Thu Nov 29 12:39:17 CST 2001


I've been attempting to get Foxpro 5 applications running for a while
now.  Actually, I just download from cvs randomly, and see what happens.

It's been a while, but I decided to try again in October.
At that time, there was an OLE error, but the only other strange
occurance was a 'locking' of the screen on a print preview.

Since then, this 'locking' is the only issue (though I havn't yet
attempted to print).
The apps I'm trying are my own, basically just a form is called, the
user puts in a date range, and a report is run.  You can view the report
in the print preview window, close the window, use the scroll button on
the mouse to change pages, etc.  BUT, if you click on the preview
itself, and attempt to scroll down to the bottom of the page, a 'lockup'
appears to happen.  I've just been waiting around hoping for it to be

Today, for giggles, I decided to run the whole Visual Foxpro development
environment.  It ran!  (BTW, I'm trying to do this all with fake
windows, and all I've added is the VFP 5 runtime)

BUT, anytime I click in an edit Window, MDI interface, the program acts
as if I'm holding the shift key down, and as I move my mouse, all the
text gets highlighted.  I can't 'turn it off', so if there wasn't any
text there, it surely would appear locked.

I've changed the config from the fake_windows, to point to my Win2k
install, but the behavior is the same.  

I'm actually getting kind of excited now, because we're a small company,
and all we run is Fox5 apps (SBT / Skyline -- well, and a couple Fox2.6
win), and Office 2k.    

If I can run the development environment in Linux, I can take a real
look at using linux desktops, either directly, or via LTSP.

I don't get any debug info when the 'shift' occurs, and I'm not sure how
to dump enough information to see the 'shift keypress' happen (assuming
I could fix the problem myself in a way that doesn't interfere with the
programming standards..), can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time.

Rick Romero

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