Is there a good reason why we ...

Bill Medland medbi01_1 at
Thu Nov 29 16:13:32 CST 2001

I've just tripped over this again which reminded me to ask why we do it.

Is there a good reason why we have to specify the full correct path to a dll
in the dll overrides section if it isn't in the windows system?

A program runs at some location on the path.  It uses a dll which is in the
same directory.  I want explicitly to use a winelib builtin "dll" instead of
it.  I can't simply say "a4wwine"="builtin"; I have to use the full path.
That would cause problems if the exe and dll moved.

Is there a good reason for this behaviour?  (i.e. would it be a waste of my
time changing the dll override stuff?)


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