winebuild and circular DLL dependencies

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Oct 12 02:58:14 CDT 2001

well, I must have this somewhere in my tree, but didn't publish it
because Alexandre was somehow reluctant to use this type of features
(not the reading of missing symbols from .spec files, but the circular
Alexandre, any "new" comments ?

> Well, can this be done with delayed imports yet? I have a situation here
> where ole32 imports stuff from rpcrt4 (windows uses delayed imports for
> that), and rpcrt4 imports stuff from ole32 (again, windows uses delayed
> imports). It would be nice if I could use the winebuild delayed import
> mechanism to achieve this, instead of doing it manually with callout
> tables and stuff... but I suppose winebuild has to be changed to read
> the .spec files instead of using nm on compiled libraries... anyone
> working on it?

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