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I've been trying to run several games from Humongous Entertainment under wine 
20011007, installed from an RPM. They run, except for a couple of problems:

The first problem is that the sound pauses sometimes. While the sound is 
paused, the animation animation still plays. It seems like the introduction 
of a new sound into the mix makes it more likely for the sound to pause.

Eventually, the sound will die completely, with the message:

err:wave:wodPlayer_Message buffer overflow !?   

written to stdout. The game will halt at that point, hanging wine. At that 
point I can do a 'killall wine', and rerun it.

The second problem is with the cursor: When you pick up an object, the games 
modify the cursor to a picture of the object. This doesn't work under wine, 
and the cursor just disappears. It reappears when you drop the object. 

The games seem to use the WaveOut API's to play sounds, and the background 
music is a PCM, not MIDI. From my days writing similar games, I remember that 
the only way to have low-latency sound mixing using WaveOut was to stop and 
restart the device, feeding it fresh buffers with the new sounds mixed in. If 
none of this rings a bell with anybody, I don't mind taking a look at the 
sound code, to try to figure out what's broken.

The cursor problem probably has something to do with trying to create a 
cursor object from a color bitmap, but I'm just guessing. I'm not even sure 
what the cursor is supposed to look like, as I've never ran the games under 

Any ideas?


Ori Pessach
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