wine/port.h #include fixes

François Gouget fgouget at
Wed Oct 17 11:57:38 CDT 2001

Roger Fujii wrote:
> > It's slowly coming around (Francois recent patches are key),
> > but we still have some fairly serious issues.
> Is this in?  As of 10/17, it still blows up in NtCurrentTeb().
> What does this function do? - is it trying to use a protected
> instruction? (in x86 instruction knowledge is pretty dated).
> > You've hit the first issue - being sure to use the
> > GNU tool chain.
> yup... want to try tackling that once I get the program to
> at least come up...

   You need to first make sure that you are using the GNU toolchain to
build Wine. Otherwise Wine will not work. I believe that not even
"./wine" will work. Do you have warnings about an unresolved main symbol
when you link Wine's dlls? This is one of the symptoms. Another is when
that strip does not understand "--strip-uneeded".
   Also note that just tweaking the PATH is not enough to switch from
the Solaris toolchain to the GNU toolchain. That's because gcc is
hard-coded to use '/usr/bin/xxx'. What we have done is to make these
symlinks to the GNU toolchain (an alternative is to recompile gcc with
the right path... but it takes more time).
   We still have to investigate how to detect the Solaris toolchain and
issue a big fat error message in the configure script. Also we should
try to see if there is a way to tell gcc which toolchain to use.

> > Doing a cvs update and trying again (after, of course,
> > Alexandre commits Francois' recent patches) may
> > bring you more joy.

   Alexandre has done a commit of my Solaris patches. The most useful
one for you is the one that avoids printing NULL strings. But if you are
using the wrong toolchain this will not help you.

> I presume that you don't have to install it to test it out, right?
> (so long as I have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to dlls:.).

   Yes, that works.

> I take it that someone does have something that works on solx86?

   Yes, a number of applications sort of work, including solitaire.

François Gouget
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