usleep in winmm/wineoss audio

Simon Britnell ughbash at
Tue Oct 23 16:33:51 CDT 2001

--- eric pouech <eric.pouech at> wrote:
> ok, so making the wavehdr playback synchronous
> seems to trigger this bug...

It seems that way.  I'll investigate further this PM.

> > some prior point in the execution.  Any tips for
> > rapid location of where it's being stored?

> 1/ use a bt in winedbg to get back (or in some
> calls) where the problem occured

Yes, the bt is showing me code in  homeworld.exe,
which I've disassembled.  The offending is a rep stosl
to an address recovered from the heap immediately
before use.  The address being recovered is 0x0, hence
the exception.

There are no system calls immediately before it, and
I'll need a large amount of time to pick through all
the jumps in the preceeding code to find where that
value is stored,  I've explored the immediate 0x200
bytes of opcodes without sighting a call and 0x100
bytes or so of the callers code.  I'm intending to
pick through it some more tonight.

> 2/ run with -debugmsg +relay to get the return
> from some calls (but it is likely that it'll
interfere with
> your program, as the -debugmsg +wave does)

I'll try this with the synchronous wodWrite patch too.

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