Latest in the homeworld/wineoss saga.

Simon Britnell ughbash at
Wed Oct 24 13:11:37 CDT 2001

--- Ove Kaaven <ovehk at> wrote:
> Well, since you know that it uses dsound, i.e. not
> waveout directly, why not add +dsound to the
> debugmsg command, and look for bugs in Wine's
> dsound implementation? 

Good call, I'll try that tonight.  I'm going into
hospital for n days tomorrow for surgery ( 1<n<5), so
my follow up post will be delayed a little.

> Also, perhaps check that the bug isn't already
> fixed in WineX, since there may be bugfixes in
> WineX not yet submitted to Wine.

I'm actually running winex from the sourceforge cvs.
 I've subscribed to transgaming too, although the
website doesn't acknowledge my worldpay transaction

I'm currently also examining a ptrace failure which is
making it difficult to debug wine and mulling over the
nature of the failure in hope of some insight about
how it's failing.  I think I need to examine the
wineserver scheduling more closely as the hang I
mentioned is a CPU busy hang involving wineserver and
two wine processes.

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