Borland OWL & winelib ?

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Oct 30 15:47:26 CST 2001

> > well, it has to be further checked. I'd say likely (as it's possible
> > with MFC)
> May there be any other problems than with source-compiler ones ?
> It is quite old lib and I wouldn't expect it to use any "new" windows
> api features. Much less than current MFC - I am sure.
my main concern isn't against API support (some native OWL should run in
wine). it's more compilation issues that we may face (like use of
specific preprocessor extents..., some 32/16 bit discrepencies).
Compiling MFC under wine is not a piece of cake (and furthermore,
have never been released because of copyright issues)

> Going back to the OWL sources & wine ;-) (And getting some beer as it
> is late evening in Poland now ;-)
don't code and drink ;-)

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