wine ui control hacker?

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Fri Aug 9 19:44:30 CDT 2002

Shaya Potter wrote:

>woops, I guess I didn't reply to all on all those emails back and forth
>with Rein.
>but for those who are intersted.
>it seems if one has the comctl32.dll and comdlg32.dll listed as native
>for newsbin, it will work pretty well, except for one big thing.  It
>seems the main window disappears if you try to view the preference/otion
>window.  The app works fine if you use the builtin version of those
>dll's instead, so I got around it, by setting the options I want up
>front, and then switching to the native dll's for real usage.  if anyone
>has any other reccomendations for figuring out what happened, I'd be
>interested in hearing about it
Although using native dlls is a solution it would be better if the built 
in ones were fixed.  Good solid bug reports in bugzilla are the best way 
to get these bugs fixed.  Please file as many bug reports as nessarry 
to  document the difference in bahaviour using native vs built in . Also 
it is very easy to use CVS to keep up to date with Wine (to see if thing 
are fixed) if you are not already doing so.

Tony Lambregts

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