Fw: Loading Autorun.inf on CD's

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> If you want act in this way, I have something for you.
> This could help Paul Jones, who is searching how to "launch" *.msi
> installers.


> The better way we can handle this is a program who tries to open every
> document we give to it. A freeware utility exists in cygwin world and
> is called cygstart, using the existing registry. If we give it a .doc,
> it looks in HKCR and starts Worpad/Winword.

That is a definite must..

> If we tweak the registry of a .inf (winedefault.reg), we can ask it to
> launch a tiny program that will open the .inf and run the program
> specified.

Sounds like it could work, but what about inf installer files (ie TweakUI's
inf, or driver inf files) how would they be handled?

> > I have not seen this work either and definitely not with an .inf. Yes
> > it
> > would be cool and if you want to start a bug concerning it feel free.
> > I
> > am not that worried about it though. The way I see it is that most of
> >
> > this is not realy a wine problem but rather with setting up autorun
> > so
> > that it is able to understand what to do with an .inf file. I suppose
> >
> > another way to look at it might be that wcmd could/should be able to
> > handle something like "wcmd autorun.inf".
> >


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