Re: CreateProcess API - undocumented use

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Feb 1 08:33:50 CST 2002

> Nope.
> Either you implement it (which might be useful in order to get a grasp of
> what Wine is all about) or if nobody else wants to implement it,
> then I'll certainly do it (should be a quick thing anyway).
not that easy, if you actually implement what those parameters are for. it's not only, as I wrote, a matter of passing a bit more of info between father and child process, but to use it in child...
moreover, since this covers mostly the console stuff, and since it's somehow on my todo list, I'd rather keep it so.

> Raising a tempest in a teapot and then saying "let's freeze it"
> won't do much good ;-)

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