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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Feb 4 22:36:45 CST 2002

   I was looking at the WineHQ CVS last week-end (trying to add a
section about how to contribute to Wine and to beef up the about
section) and, at least to an untrained eye, it looks like it contains
many obsolete files that should be deleted. Here are some examples:

 * a number of files exist in both .html and .shtml form. Isn't the html
form obsolete?

   about.html   & about.shtml
   contrib.html & contrib.shtml
   search.html  & search.shtml
   who.html     & who.shtml

 * some files have multiple versions lying around

   refs.html    & refs.shtml  & refs2.html
   index.shtml  & indexold.html

 * there is a number of file that I'm not sure are still in use

   threads_etc, referenced from design.html which is referenced,
      but commented out, from indexold.html & test003.html
   win_utils_test, does not appear to be referenced anywhere
   shots.html, referenced only from indexold.html

   Is there a good reason to keep the above files? Did I miss something?

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