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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 6 16:22:07 CST 2002

> I would like to know if/how it is possible to set a watchpoint from
> inside, say, a Winelib program (without any UI involved until the
> watchpoint trips), but don't waste a lot of your time on it if it's not.
normally yes. start your program from the debugger, then set your
watch * <addr>
watch <id>
if id is known (it could be complex expression), then size of watchpoint
(1, 2, 4) should be set according to size of <id>
then run your program (you may need to set temporary bp:s to be able
to know where to set the watchpoint)

> The ability to recall and edit the last command (the one I just
> fat-fingered) would be nice.  :-)
if run though wineconsole (at least), most emacs commands work.
So Ctrl-P recalls last command and allows you to edit it (it would
be possible to use the regular windows arrows and such, but the
trigger isn't set in the debugger)

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