Wine license change

Chris Green chris at
Wed Feb 6 19:18:24 CST 2002

Joerg wrote:
> OK, when the last discussion was going on, I started out with the
> that the change would be good and changed it to not so good, because
> proprietary stuff that *is* part of the windows kernel (or drivers)
> to be implemented, this can't be done with an LGPLed wine. My final
> (which I never mailed) was, that maybe a X11-licensed kernel
> wineserver and driver emulation) and LGPLed dlls for the rest would be
> the best solution.

I'm not sure why a re-implementation of proprietary stuff can't be done
with an LGPLed Wine. If that was the case, wouldn't it be next to
impossible for just about any LGPLed product to mimic the behaviour of a
proprietary application? (eg KDevelop vs MSVC?) 

Chris Green
Massey-Green Software Labs

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