Wine license change

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Thu Feb 7 02:33:52 CST 2002

Joerg Mayer wrote:

> proprietary stuff that *is* part of the windows kernel (or drivers) needs
> to be implemented, this can't be done with an LGPLed wine. My final idea

Why not? If you write an app that looks like Word and behaves exactly
like it, you should have no problem even though the original is
proprietary code. It's not that you copy the program. The only problem
could be that they could ask you how you got the knowledge to write that
code in the first place, because it might not be documented anywhere. If
you say that you had to reverse engineer it, then you would be in
trouble (in some countries) but as long as you honour the license of the
vendor and still get the same result. If that were so I guess that the
entire wine project would be in trouble.

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