more on wineconf 2002

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Feb 7 17:23:03 CST 2002

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Michael Robertson <michael at> writes:
> > We don't intend on advertising it to the general public so we keep a
> > high caliber of attendee. The only place the notification has gone is
> > wine-devel list. We currently have about 15 people signed
> > up. Alexandre told me to tell you he's coming if that will help get
> > more people here.
> Just to clarify my position, I'll be going, provided that there are
> enough other developers to make it worth it. In fact that seems to be
> the general sentiment around here: "I'll go if you go"  <g>

I'll go if Alexandre goes, and I have signed up (it's only two hours
away by car for me, so it's easy.)

I'm just a Wine fan, not a real developer, at the moment,
but I hope to start contributing regression tests and 
patches once the regression test framework is up.

I hope a few people there will want to chat about Windows API standardization;
see for how
I would like to see the antitrust settlement address that.
- Dan

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