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> >John Carmack made an intresting point, he releases ID softwares older
> >releases under the GPL. Why? Because after originally releasing an engine
> >after a BSD-esque license, a project done some very major work to the
> >engine...  and then lost it in a harddrive crash. So his -main- reason for
> >using the GPL is to prevent work done in the community from being lost.
> He really should take the time to back up his drives. ;-) But, assuming
> that he wishes to use this rather unusual backup mechanism, why would the
> GPL be any better at this than a BSD-style license?

Sorry, let me clarify that point... the major work that was lost was done
by a COMMUNITY project, not one of ID's in-house ones. His point is that
as the xGPL forces the release of source code with any binaries, so any
valuable work like this won't be lost to the community.

This has intresting implications for wine too. It's nice to say that
Codeweavers/Transgaming/Lindows/etc might feed slice of code 'x' back to
Wine at 'i' time in the future. Of course, if said company goes bust
(sorry guys, but this IS the post .com era ;), there is a chance that code
could be lost for good.

 - Ender

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