Wine license change

Brett Glass brett at
Sat Feb 9 22:15:31 CST 2002

At 05:44 PM 2/9/2002, J.Brown (Ender/Amigo) wrote:

>Sorry, let me clarify that point... the major work that was lost was done
>by a COMMUNITY project, not one of ID's in-house ones. His point is that
>as the xGPL forces the release of source code with any binaries, so any
>valuable work like this won't be lost to the community.

In that case, it seems to me that his remarks are a complete non sequitur. 
The source code of "community" projects that license their work under the 
MIT X or BSD license is every bit as publicly available as that of projects
that use the GPL. 

In fact, the GPL would actually reduce the likelihood of recovering the code 
from someone's box, because commercial programmers such as myself won't look 
at it or download it.


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