Wine license change

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Feb 11 19:23:06 CST 2002

Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > Francois describes the central issue well: the LGPL will
> > provide a way for the vendors to trust each other.
> >
> > Let those of us who understand this simply start releasing
> > our Wine changes under the LGPL, regardless of what anyone
> > else does.  That should make it clear which way the main
> > tree should go.
> First of all what "those of us"? You mean "those of you"?
> Searching the mailing lists I see that you from time to
> time have provided various testing, suggestions or
> other information but I can see no patches.

Ask Jeremy White if he thinks I've been contributing to the cause 
lately; I bet he considers the stuff I've written lately to be helpful,
even if it doesn't appear in the tree.

> Secondly understand what?

Understand that the LGPL enables competitors to trust each other.

I can't address your and Roger's concerns about the LGPL
effectively because we seem to have such different world
views that communication is difficult.  My apologies; I'm
just not a good communicator sometimes.

- Dan

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