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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Feb 11 19:20:35 CST 2002


First I thank everybody who mailed me in reply to Jeremy's request,
I now have a clearer picture of where the community wants to go.
However, I still haven't heard from a number of contributors; so if
you haven't sent me your opinion yet, please do it now, so that we can
reach a conclusion soon and hopefully return wine-devel to its
original purpose.

As a reminder, the question Jeremy asked is the following:

>     Should the Wine project switch to a license which has as
>     its goal to attempt to secure some form of Copyleft
>     protection for Wine while still permitting proprietary
>     software to link and bind with Wine?

Just let me know privately whether you agree with that or not. If you
don't care either way, or aren't decided yet, please tell me that too,
I want to make sure I know where everybody stands on this issue. Thanks.

Note: everybody is welcome to send me their opinion, even people who
didn't contribute code. Of course the opinion of people who have
contributed will carry more weight in the final decision, but I think
everybody should have a voice.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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