Wine License Change

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Feb 11 19:47:59 CST 2002

Claus Fischer wrote:
> As a non-developer, I think this discussion can be considerably
> shortened by just forking and starting to work on the LGPL branch.
> If the current license allows Lindows to make proprietary
> modifications and not give anything back, it certainly
> allows Codeweavers/whoever to make proprietary modifications
> and give back under LGPL.
> Those who don't want to even read LGPL code for reasons of
> 'contamination' just shouldn't read it. You can't read Lindows
> code either.
> Why should Codeweavers be morally pressured to contribute under a
> steal-me license when steal-it companies don't contribute at all?
> Just let Codeweavers use their rights that you defend so vehemently
> for others, and don't critizise them for doing something your
> favourite license permits.
> ******
> I personally tend to think that GPL style licenses attract more
> developers and create a level playing field even for companies
> as contributors.
> Put a snapshot of current CVS somewhere for X11 freaks and start
> checking in LGPL.

My thoughts exactly.
> And don't discuss with morons, especially non-developers ... :-)


- Dan

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