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Michael Robertson michael at
Thu Feb 14 19:35:31 CST 2002

>The LPBN has indicated they'd be willing and able to
>videotape the presentations for later free access
>via their web streaming server (
>Michael, could Lindows make a small donation, say $500,
>to to help cover expenses?

At, we broadcast the MP3 Summit for free in real-time and made 
available browsing at later time as well. We started this in the dark ages 
of 1999 and did it every year. Of course we had hundreds of employees and a 
whole video department on staff which made it easy. Our whole goal was to 
get the information out to everyone because that's what maximizes the value 
to the community. See last years video here:
As you can see from the agenda and sessions, by year 3 there was incredibly 
diverse attention from many industries all around MP3 and I think helped 
push it to its widespread support today.

If you want to watch some GREAT video looking back at the digital music 
revolution, watch this session:
         What Happened to the Revolution?
It's 45 minutes of very funny, but very insightful video especially the 
last 20 minutes.

Doing the same thing for wineconf 2002 would have tremendous value. Those 
that can't make wineconf in person can still hear from all the smart people 
and get the vision for where wine is going. I'm sure some of the sessions 
would be insightful for people as they join wine to help them get up to 
speed on various programming and technology issues as well.

Having capture the video and broadcast seems like a a big plus to 
the entire wine community. We'll be happy to send them $500 to make this 
happen. But watching a tiny grainy video won't compare to being there, so 
if you can make it you'll definitely want to attend in person. We'll also 
be having one surprise field trip which will not be televised. :)

-- MR
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