Wineconf attendance

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Feb 14 18:48:08 CST 2002

Michael Robertson wrote:
> On the technical track, since attendees will be the speakers please think
> about the topic that would be interesting that you are knowledgeable about.
> This is all about people leaving smarter than they came and that happens
> best with everyone sharing their information and ideas. One of the 3 people
> on the Frankfurt/San Diego express, Dr. Ulrich Weigand has volunteered to
> speak on the following two topics:
> - 16-bit Windows: how does the support for 16-bit in Wine work, how much
> 16-bit code is still there in Windows 95/98/ME, how are the various
> types of thunks etc. implemented, what are the chances of running native
> Windows 95/98/ME 16-/32-bit DLL pairs under Wine (this would include
> the user.dll question Uwe suggested)
> - Debugger: how does the Wine debugger work, details about the various
> debugging formats (including the undocumented .PDB format) ...

The LPBN has indicated they'd be willing and able to
videotape the presentations for later free access
via their web streaming server (
Michael, could Lindows make a small donation, say $500,
to to help cover expenses?
- Dan

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