Jeremy makes a persuasive argument for LGPL

Roland roland at
Mon Feb 18 11:41:34 CST 2002

At 12:32 PM 2/15/02 -0700, Brett Glass wrote:

>Exactly the opposite is true. When the (L)GPL is stamped
>onto code, every commercial programmer must reinvent
>the wheel rather than using it. Many of these programmers
>work for small businesses that are trying to compete

Another good point from your side.
And here comes another question from my side:
The point in favor of the GPL as brought by Jeremy, is that the xGPL will 
encourage contributions. I have to agree with Jeremie: with the BSD 
license, companies will tend to keep things back. Look at Apples OS-X. It 
is based on BSD, but they probably NEVER will make their code public. So 
what benefit does the community have from it?

Jeremie pointed out, that he wants to give all code produced in his company 
back to the WINE-tree. Now if WINE is GPL he will have an excellent 
argument for his customers: sorry, we have to contribute all code back.

If WINE is not GPLd, his customers will probably want to keep the code 
proprietary, in order to have a competitive advantage over others...
What can you say about that Brett?

Maybe there is another kind of license that could adress both issues...but 
I doubt it...

Best regards, Roland

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