RMS, Univerial Themes, Slashdot, and Wine

Tim R. omarvo at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 01:37:17 CST 2002


This post,
to some GNOME mailing list got /.ed recently.  Quoting from the post:
>It might also be useful to organize a specific joint project,
>something that would improve the coherence of a GNU/Linux system
>which uses parts of both GNOME and KDE.  The idea that occurred to me
>was to work on unifying theme definitions, so that a user can define
>a theme just once and have it work with both GNOME and KDE.  Perhaps
>others will have a better suggestion.

I would love to see something like this happen.  However, IMHO, I think
something like this should be more than just KDE and GNOME.  I would
like to see something like that as a more or less Linux (and BSD, etc),
or X11 standard.  It seems to me that Wine could benifit from something
like this.  Basicly, Wine is just a Unix/X11 toolkit that happens to
have the same API as MS Windows and includes a binary loader right?  Or
am I completely off base here?

Anyway, GNOME programs tend to look and feel like GNOME programs, KDE
programs tend to look and feel like KDE programs, and Wine programs tend
to look and feel like Windows programs.  So could something like this
work for Wine?  Could Wine programs inherit their look and feel from
some kind of universal theme?  That would surely help the Windows
programs integrate into the X desktop.

So I guess I'm asking, would this work for Wine, and if so, is anyone
interested in doing it?  If the first answer is yes but the second is
no, could anyone provide me with some pointers for getting involved with
doing some a project myself? (Both the work on Wine, and on

Also some of the replies to RMS's post suggested this was an itch none
of the GNOME people felt like scratching, because none of them used KDE
programs.  I thought perhaps the Wine people would feel more like
scratching this itch, because most of you probably use Wine programs
along side of atleast either KDE or GNOME applications, if not both.

Sorry if this has been a bit off topic, or if I don't really know what
I'm talking about.

--Tim Ringenbach

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