License change vote results

Roger Fujii rmf at
Wed Feb 20 09:58:17 CST 2002

> CodeWeavers as a single entity did receive one vote.)  If we had stuffed
> the ballot box as Brett suggested, the votes would have
> been more lopsided, believe me.

So, you're saying that it WAS possible that it could have been stuffed.
Remember that the criteria was not given out when the results were
posted (which is why I asked in the first place), so there was no
way of knowing what the numbers meant.  As it is, I think the
criteria is flawed in the sense that it discounts major contributers
(codeweavers and transgaming) and enhances the votes of minor ones -
the ones who are least effected by a license switch (and, IMHO,
the ones that understand the issues/mechanisms of licenses the least). 
As the argument for X11/BSD is a philosophical/commercial one, it's
not unfair to say that if you discount commerical entities, you will
have the effect of discounting the X11/BSD count.

> I think Dimi and others have been remarkably patient, all
> things considered.

Being on the other side of the issue, I can say that Dimi is not
a saint on the matter either - at least Brett sometimes will substantiate
what he says.


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