License change vote results

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Feb 20 10:12:55 CST 2002

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Roger Fujii wrote:

> So, you're saying that it WAS possible that it could have been stuffed.

No, this is not what he was saying (AFAIU). In particular, I think
Alexandre took a particularly tough stence by not counting CW's employees,
since most of them are long time Wine contributors (and major ones at
that). I think that he erred on the cautious side just to avoid such
discussions. But even if he would have done so (that is, he would have
counted CW's position, as well as that of each of the employees), it still
would not have qualified as "stuffing".

In other words the question (or at least the way is was worded) was not
fair, because it implied a malicious intent on Alexandre's part.

> Being on the other side of the issue, I can say that Dimi is not
> a saint on the matter either - at least Brett sometimes will substantiate
> what he says.

Err, that is, I never substantiate what I say. So, you either:
  (1) don't know logic;
  (2) don't know what you're saying;
  (3) or say (knowingly) that I never substantiate what I say.

In any case, I guess this is the straw that broke the camil's back. I've
tried to be patient with a number of people on this list. My patience is
over. If you ever follow Al Viro messages on linux-kernel... well, I'm
seriously consider adopting the same kind of tone with people like you.


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