GetStdHandle Problem

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Feb 20 14:39:06 CST 2002

> >did you try to run your program with wineconsole ?
> >(wineconsole /usr/client/mcc_gnu/cmpm/cmpmgnu /B100 /Oaaaa-1.ovl)
> I don't know about  this executable. I don't find wineconsole file
> anywhere in wine installation.
yes, you're right. latest codeweavers package doesn't include it yet
since, this (wineconsole) includes a rather large modification of the
console, and if you're concerned about maintenance, upgrading to a
more recent wine is recommended
> >Does your program use global objects, which initialization code could invoke the
> >GetStdHandle functions ?
> Perhaps I'm going wrong in any of the steps I'm following. I'll explain
> what I'm trying to do.When I began to migrate this console based
> programs I wanted to migrate them entirely to Linux without using Wine.
your approach is perfectly valid, and if it doesn't work yet, Wine is to 
blame. My question was rather if your GetStdHandle calls were done in
global object constructors (read *before* main gets called)


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