Bootprocedure again

David Elliott dfe at
Sat Feb 23 21:18:29 CST 2002

On 2002.02.22 08:08 Gerhard W. Gruber wrote:
> That's more my way. :) I want an application that has maximum
> configurability while being as less as intrusive as needed. That's what
> I like about Unix and I don't want to introduce Windows behaviour into
> the Unix world. :)
> I'll see where the best place is and implement it that way.

To really follow the UNIX philosophy you want to put it in a seperate 
application.  Save yourself a lot of trouble trying to figure out where to 
place a hook in wine and simply write it into a completely seperate 
program.  You can then have wine actually run that program with a 
CreateProcess call or similar at whatever point.  The code to do this 
should NOT be in the wine emulators source code itself, nor do I believe 
it should be linked in with it.

Windows itself (win9x/me at least) actually has this code in WININIT.EXE 
which is loaded early on in the boot process.  It is not necessary or even 
desirable to have the code in the emulator itself.  It is much more 
desirable to have it be a completely seperate program.  Leave it to the 
distributors of Wine to implement the actual policy and only provide the 
mechanism.  This is what Alexandre has been saying, and I am saying the 
same thing.  Policy decisions do not belong in Wine, even as configuration 
options when it can be helped.  If you feel you absolutely MUST have this 
run every time a wine program is started or every time a wine program 
finishes (maybe this would be better) then write a shellscript like so:

wine "$@"

This is so simple, why would you even waste your time trying to hack it 
into the boot code for wine?


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