Bootprocedure again

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Fri Feb 22 07:08:01 CST 2002

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> moving it to higher layers, like in a separate app, you have access to
> more functionality; for instance you can popup a confirmation dialog
> or things like that.

That's ok but this can also be done in a seperate module. I don't like
to have multiple programs if it is not logically seperated. I don't want
to stuff everything into a single app but I also don't want to have a
myriad of programs all doing almost the same things.

> As for what layer would call that code, there are many possibilities,
> which is why it is important to provide the mechanism independently of
> the policy decisions. For instance you could call it from .xsession so

Yes. That's my philosophy anyway. :)

> that bootup processing happens when you log in on your desktop; you
> could also have a script that mounts a CD, runs the installer, then

Hm. I don't want the user to be forced to close all currently running
applications, much less I want him to be forced to log off just to get
the boot procedure finished.

> simulates a reboot, all wrapped up in a nice interface; or you could
> have an option to call it when an app calls ExitWindows(); etc.

That's more my way. :) I want an application that has maximum
configurability while being as less as intrusive as needed. That's what
I like about Unix and I don't want to introduce Windows behaviour into
the Unix world. :)

I'll see where the best place is and implement it that way.

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