About that eeevil library naming decision...

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Mon Feb 25 13:02:45 CST 2002

Hello all,

I've just had prime evidence of yet another library naming conflict:

libuser.so (which is in package libuser-0.32-1).
(installed as /usr/lib/libuser.so)

Other examples would be libole.so or libavifile.so.

So could we please *finally* rename the wine libraries to libwineuser.so
or maybe even better libwine_user.so ?
Thank you very much...

Yeah, people told me that wine libraries would be in separate directories
anyway, so no need for that naming.
But believe me, I HATED that decision from day 1.

Packagers simply won't always choose a separate directory for wine libraries.
(especially for "global" installs without a wrapper script)
Thus there'll be lots of trouble for some people.

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