About that eeevil library naming decision...

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Mon Feb 25 13:29:27 CST 2002

Some more information:

Maybe we should use libwinecore_XXX.so and libwinedll_XXX.so for the
naming scheme. That'd be pretty reasonable and cleaner/better than
the current approach IMHO, as it'd clearly separate core/dll functionality
in a good way.

Also, there'll always be global installs with wine library paths
added to /etc/ld.so.conf. How would you avoid conflicts then with
equally named libraries in other /etc/ld.so.conf paths ??

Further, a lot of other projects do the very same thing, probably
to avoid the mess we're experiencing now in the first place:
libgtk, libgimp, libgphoto_ libgnome, libvorbis, libgdk, ...
(which also results in pretty long names, so this isn't really an argument
for wine library naming any more)

Now please tell me why this *shouldn't* be done.
And I think you better had some real reasons for that...

OK, who thinks that this is a good thing to do ?
Who doesn't ?

I'd certainly write that mega patch converting Wine to this naming scheme.

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