Artilcle - loading Windows DLL's under Linux

Brett Glass brett at
Mon Feb 25 15:25:18 CST 2002

At 03:41 PM 2/25/2002, Nick Temple wrote:

>I am working on an article about how to load Windows DLL's under Linux.  This system is for stand-alone Linux applications that only need to use some of the logic in a single Windows DLL, not a full WINE implementation.
>The code has been "borrowed" and tweaked from the avifile distribution (which is GPL'd), originally borrowed from WINE (BSD license), and will be re-released under the GPL or LGPL once the article is published.

It is not legal to do this. You can't change the license on existing code.
If it was originally licensed under the WINE X11 license, you cannot legally
change that. Which is a good thing. No one should be allowed to stamp a 
virulent license on someone else's work without permission.

--Brett Glass

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