Keyboard layout detection not working??

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sat Jun 1 06:30:36 CDT 2002

Hetz Ben Hamo wrote:

>>Hi all,
>>Further research revealed the problem, and here is a working patch. I
>>would like to both draw your attention to the reasons, and point out one
>>thing in this patch that requires attention.
>And I tried your patch Shachar and there some interesting results...
>Here is my setxkbmap line to change between hebrew and english:
>setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll il
>This lets me switch from english to hebrew...
>Then I tried the wine's internal wine's notepad to do a test:
>LANG=he_IL wine notepad
>at first the keyboard switch doesn't behave well (you got capital english 
>letters and only after few times you get hebrew) I can type hebrew no problem 
>However, with programs like Word, excel etc.. - the problem persists - 
>keyboard switching doesn't impress the application and even when you switch - 
>you're in english mode...
>Have you tried some apps with this? if so, which ones?
Hi Hetz,

I believe the problems you are experiencing have nothing to do with the 
keyboard layout problem, but with the keyboard switching detection. I am 
quoting paragraph #3 from my first email in this thread:

>    3. There does not appear to be any code that detects layout changes
>       in X11, and sends the apropriate WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE message. I
>       understood that implementing an event trigered by X layout change
>       is a difficult matter, but it is highly necessary for my BiDi
>       support (many programs, including Office, know the current
>       direction, and have visual representation when it changes. Not
>       implementing this message may prove to be problematic in that
>       respect).
>       I currently don't have the capacity to go after this particular
>       problem, but if it remains unsolved by the time it becomes crucial
>       to me, I will. If anyone has any leads on solving this problem,
>       please let me know. I have entered bug #735 on this issue.

I'm afraid that my BiDi attempts are at a rather early stage. If you 
want to follow them, or contribute (and the testing you are performing 
certanly count as contribution), you can add youself as CC to bug #609 

Also, I believe that this patch is mostly about correctly matching the 
returned character (in ISO-8859-8, in my patch's case) with the scan 
code Windows programs expect under such situations. As such, it has 
mostly to do with games and such.

On a similar note, however. Which version of Notepad are you using? What 
version of Windows did it come from?


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