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I can't see much benefit to a timidity output in Wine - it seems like an
awful lot of effort for little return. Very few general purpose Windows
applications actually do MIDI output. The exceptions would be: (very) old
games; MIDI file players (plenty of UNIX replacements for these) and music
production software. No one seriously using music production software is
going to want a MIDI output connected to timidity - the audio quality is not
good enough, and if they did want to use it I'd imagine the latancy/timeing
would not be tight enough.

-- degs

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> I was thinking: Couldn't one use timidity to make a fake midi device
> that actually produces sound? That would be something.
I thought about it. you need to use timidity 0.20i (the last one from the
original author released under LGPL, the next ones are released under GPL).
Then, to make it a real midi driver (in terms of Win32 API) which isn't a
trivial task (for example, timidity pre-processes the full content of the
MIDI file to be played, whilst a standard MIDI driver has to play midi notes
on the fly...). I did start looking at that a long time ago, but without
real results in so far.

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