How big is the Direct3D stuff?

Johan Gill johane at
Thu Jun 6 12:11:29 CDT 2002

Lionel Ulmer wrote:

>Hi all,
>As I once started working on Direct3D in Wine and was one of the contributor
>to the DDraw code, let me answer some of these questions :-)
>> * What are the tasks for implementing Direct3D?
>It's not easy to separate the tasks. For one, documenting and
>re-appropriating the DDraw code would be the first thing to do.
><start of minor rant>
>As other people discussed it, the current DDraw code in WineHQ's CVS tree is
>from TransGaming. I do not say that it's worse than the previous code (it's
>certainly better and respects the DLL separation stuff), but my biggest
>problem with it is that it was entirely developped 'in-house' and sumbitted
>'as is' to the WineHQ tree without really involving any of the WineHQ
>DirectX developpers (like Marcus or me). Now don't undertand this wrong, I
>am certainly also to blame because I found other interests at that time and
>mostly stopped working on Wine.
>This means that now that TG does not really contribute back much to WineHQ
>(even in pure 2D stuff), we have a large piece of code that nobody really
>bothered to undertand and is largely unmaintained.
>Now I understand why Linus absolutely refuses big patches doing a lot of
>stuff in one go and wants small incremental patches :-)
>Finally, saying 'now let's start working on Direct3D' will not help much if
>we do not find at least 3 or 4 people interested in working on it. I once
>submitted some D3D work but nobody ever contributed to it and it was mostly
>unmaintained once I stopped working on it (and I fear that would be the same
>for other parts of Wine like Multimedia, the debugger for example, if Eric
>did take some prolonged vacations :-) )
 I'm planning to do some work, but it's a matter of priorities, as always.

/Johan Gill, johane at

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