Need help debugging problem w/Quicken

Carl Sopchak carl.sopchak at
Fri Jun 7 12:23:11 CDT 2002

I'm trying to get Quicken 2000 Deluxe running under Wine (on a Red Het 7.3 
box).  In order to use Quicken the way I want to, I need to have the internet 
connection going (for stock price updates).  However, when I try to configure 
it, I can't get anywhere.  When I press Edit -> Internet Connection Setup, 
the cursoe goes to an hourglass and hangs.  If I move the cursor after that, 
it goes back to a normal arrow pointer.  The setup dialog never pops up.

I'm using the current CVS version of Wine (as of this morning, June 7).

Now, I'm VERY new to Wine, and know less about Windows internals, but I've 
been in similar postitions and successfully resolved similar problems - with 
a little help...  I guess I'm looking for some tips on how to debug this.  I 
currently have these specific questions:

1)  Is networking support implemented in wine yet (even partially)?  If not, I 
guess I'll have to wait a while, as I'm not in a position (knowledge or time 
wise) to write something like that from scratch :-(.  If it is 

2) I know about --debugmsg, and the four classes of debug messages, but I 
haven't come across many debug channel names, besides all, relay, and snoop.  
But the amount of messages that these generate lend them to be pretty 
unusable.  Can someone point me to a list of names, tell me how to find the 
names in the source, or at least give me a few names that might be helpful in 
debuggin my problem?

3) I'm guessing that I'll probably need some documentation on the WinAPI.  
Does Microsoft have that on their web site?  (If not, where might I find it?)

4) Does anyone know of a version of Quicken (>= Q2000) that already runs on 
wine?  I'd be willing to upgrade if it would solve my problem...

Thanks for any help you can give!  Hopefully my work on this will improve wine 
in some small way...


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