Need help debugging problem w/Quicken

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Jun 7 12:39:16 CDT 2002

Carl Sopchak a écrit :
> 1)  Is networking support implemented in wine yet (even partially)?  If not, I
> guess I'll have to wait a while, as I'm not in a position (knowledge or time
> wise) to write something like that from scratch :-(.  If it is
> implemented,...

The network part of Wine works (ie, I played Diablo II woth some
friends). Now, it may be that a particular API that Q2000 uses is not
implemented, or not complete, r has a bug.

> 2) I know about --debugmsg, and the four classes of debug messages, but I
> haven't come across many debug channel names, besides all, relay, and snoop.
> But the amount of messages that these generate lend them to be pretty
> unusable.  Can someone point me to a list of names, tell me how to find the
> names in the source, or at least give me a few names that might be helpful in
> debuggin my problem?

There's a list in documentation/running.sgml. If you build the
documentation, it should be in wine-doc.pdf. It's only a list; the
majority of names are self-explanatory, but some are not. There's a bug
in Bugzilla to better document the different debugging channels.

> 3) I'm guessing that I'll probably need some documentation on the WinAPI.
> Does Microsoft have that on their web site?  (If not, where might I find it?)

Our primary source of documentation is Or you
can try google for older functions.

> 4) Does anyone know of a version of Quicken (>= Q2000) that already runs on
> wine?  I'd be willing to upgrade if it would solve my problem...
> Thanks for any help you can give!  Hopefully my work on this will improve wine
> in some small way...
> Carl


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